Hi Team! In case we havent met (online or in person) my name is Lianne Anderson and I am your black status (Level 1) upline! I live in Christchurch, UK with my hubby Jon, who was able to retire at only 40 years old thanks to Younique! (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?) I am so lucky and blessed to be working with you girls! one of the fastest growing and most successful teams in the UK, I will do anything for my team, you guys are the reason I am where I am.. This is a TEAM effort and its my goal to get as many of you as i can to black status... Soooo... some things about me: Younique is my first and only endeavour into Network Marketing! I didn't even know it was an industry until i was offered this opportunity, I put my success down to the sheer amount of personal development i did prior to starting... so just a warning... I have my team do A LOT of personal development! :) 

In 2016 I was awarded two trophies at the Younique 2016 Convention!! I came 4th in the Companies top Mentors! This was awarded to me because of the amount of ladies i've helped to take this business to leadership level. I also came fourth in the most amount of ladies to hit fast start!


In 2017 I was the top UK leader based on how many ladies in my direct team hit leadership level.My team excel!!

My personal mission: To help millions of women master their mindset so they have the confidence, certainty and unshakable self-belief to turn their dreams into reality and positively change their world! 


I believe women severely underestimate themselves these days! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see ladies enter this business, green and unsure and then blossom into confident and professional network marketers.


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