YOUR WARM MARKET FB Friends That You Know Or Kinda Know or Have A Relationship With:

Hey ____, so your gorgeous face just came across my newsfeed!! You seriously need to do Younique with me! You would do so well!

Hey ____, seriously, have you ever thought about Younique? You would rock it. Everyone values your opinion and you are SO fun! (this would be someone you would see that always has great feedback on her post)

Girllllllllll.....Why aren't you doing Younique with me? Seriously. You would KILL it!


Ok girl! you just posted a picture and it got like a zillion comments. People think you are awesome. You would rock it at Younique with me.


Your last selfie. Seriously. I die! Girl you are so GORGEOUS! Why aren't you doing Younique with me? You would be amazing at it.

YOUR COLD MARKET People You Have Been Friends With But Don’t Actually Know:

Hey ____, I’m ____. I don't want to bother you, but I finally got up the courage to start reaching out to people that I think would be amazing at what I do! Have you ever heard of Younique? I know it's random, but I came across your profile and just thought, "I think she would love this opportunity." I hope you don't think I'm silly. Haha! Everything is done online and we get paid every 3 hours! I can give you more details if you'd like? You're also welcome to go to (your website) and browse around.




So I think you would be an amazing Younique presenter... There I said it! 😆😆


FINDING A NEED: The Listening Method, Paying Attention To What Your Friends Are Posting:


Hey girl! I saw your post about going back to work. Ughhhh! Totally stinks girl, I am so sorry! I started Younique for fun but found it can totally replace an income. Wanna watch a short video I made on the ins and outs?




Hey girly- alright this is a little out there but I don't even care because I saw that pic you posted and holy cow, you're flawless girl!! You have the perfect look for what I do!! If I were to send you a little overview explaining more, would you have a few mins to listen?


Hey ____! You are gorgeous girl! I bet you'd rock at what I do! If I were to send ya a quick business overview, would you listen to it?!


Hey ____! Every time you post a pic, I think, dang! That girl should be getting paid for these photos! Lol! So pretty! You'd be a perfect fit for what I do! If I were to send you a little overview explaining more, would you have a few mins to listen?



Hey___! OMG so I just saw your gorgeous selfie on my newsfeed! Seriously, you would be amazing at what I do! Paid for those beautiful selfies! You should totally think about it, I'm telling you, you would be amazzzzing! So pretty!!! 😍


Hey ___! I was seriously thinking about you. I don't think you realize how much you inspire me and how much you catch my eye every single time I see your pictures. I can't get over how pretty you are and how amazing you would be at what I do! Paid for those gorgeous selfies! Seriously!!!!


Hey ____, I know you've seen all my posts about Younique. I know you are going to think I am CRAZY for asking, but you have such an amazing network and people are drawn to your personality, I know that you would be successful, have you considered starting your own Younique business?



Hey ____, I realized we've been fb friends for a while and I never reached out! I'm _____ and I live in ____, what do you do?!


Hey ____! Not sure how we ended up Facebook friends but I've been noticing your pictures ... You are a beauty!! (they usually always message back because it's not threatening and they aren't put on the spot )


Hey ____! I’m not sure how we connected on facebook. But i love seeing your posts! I’m ________ i thought i would introduce myself. What do you do?

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH WARM MARKET: This could be someone you know but haven’t spoken to in a while


Hey ____!! I just wanted to tell you that you look amazing lady!!! Whatever you are doing keep doing it!! What have you been up to?


Hey ____! Your children are absolutely the cutest !!! Your little man reminds me so much of my ____ (your son or daughters name)!! (they always respond back and after a little back and forth “what I do” comes up )


Hey _____! long time no speak! i just wanted to tell you that i love watching your facebook posts! it so lovely to keep up to date with you on here! what have you been up to?