a party is all about solving problems and giving value!


There are different ways to do it.... written posts / facebook lives


Facebook live takes courage but it tends to get you much more interaction and engagement and is far more likely to gain you more friends and more orders...


so how do you give value?


YOU SOLVE PROBLEMS! I've been writing out a list of what problems / concerns / questions people have about their skin / makeup / beauty that we can solve in a party. they are listed below.... here’s the thing... you may not know the answers to these problems.... With the right mindset that shouldn’t hold you back :-) I didn’t have a clue when i did my first beauty tips party... i spent the day on youtube learning!!!


1) How do I help my makeup to last throughout the day? (primer / eye primer / lipstain)

2) How do I reduce find lines? (uplift, instant lift serum)

3) How to get longer lashes (mascara)

4) How to get rid of acne? (skincare for oily skin)

5) How to make eyes look bigger / brighter? (white eyeliner)

6) Best colors for eyes? (eyeshadows)

7) How to find my foundation shade (color matching)

8) How to pick the right type of foundation for my skin?

9) How to apply eye shadow? (eyeshadow tutorial)

10) How to best remove makeup? (shine / cleansers)

11) How to I get my lip color to last? (lipstain / liquid lipstick/ lip exfoliator)

12) How do I keep lipstick off my teeth? (lipstick)

13) How do I get rid of dry patches on my skin? (night / day cream)

14) How to make your face look slimmer? (contour set)

15) How can I create defined natural looking brows? (brow set)

16) How to get fuller lips (overlining" technique to get bigger, fuller looking lips without surgery or suction cups - using pencils)

17) How to make your face look slimmer (contour set / Bronzer)