Here are some simple scripts you can send to people on your friends list to get those parties booked in


“Hey Susie!! I hope your summer is off to a fun start! :) I am currently booking my online makeup classes for this summer and thought I’d shoot you a message and see if you were interested in hosting?! These classes are all online and can be great girl time! I’ll teach some application techniques and product knowledge and host a game or two all while you earn shopping rewards for all orders put through your link and you can earn yourself some free products!"


"Hey Julie! How are you?! I am setting up my online party schedule and saw you were online. I'd love to put you on the schedule and help you earn some free makeup! I don't know about you but my makeup bag is always in need of an update in the summer! :) My classes are full of application techniques, tutorial videos, and a game or two! 
Can I reserve a spot for you?”


Hi hun, I’ve got some exciting news. In the coming weeks and months i am offering online beauty bashes as part of my Younique business. If you’d like to host one, We will set up an online event together and you invite all your friends. we will play games, quizzes, there's a chance to win samples and prizes and of course show everyone my incredible makeup. it's a right giggle and your friends will love it. I will be taking orders on the night but there is no obligation for your friends to buy. You can win our SUPER DUPER makeup just by hosting including our amazing 3D fiber lashes!!!. Are you in? xxx

OR for someone you’re not 100% comfortable messaging, turn it into them helping you out!


"Hey Megan! I'm in a contest to see how many makeup classes I can book this summer and I was wondering if you'd help me out?!”

OR for a close buddy…


“KIM!!! I KNOW your makeup bag is a hot mess and needs an update. Friends don’t let friends use old, bacteria laden makeup! :P What date can I put you down for an online party? ;)”


"hey Jen, It was awesome to see you ate the weekend! you're looking happy and healthy as always! I've got something i would like to ask you! This month I am trying something brand new for my online parties! I am going to go LIVE!!! i am a little nervous and want to do my first one with someone i 100% trust. Can i count on you to be that person? You'll get so much out of it. we will play games, there will be prizes, beauty tips and of course you will earn free makeup too! are you in?"


Look at what friends are having birthdays this month! To do that from a computer click events tab then to the right you will see “birthday’s this week” click the see all tab beside it to see all birthday’s this month! From a phone click events then scroll down to the bottom, click upcoming birthdays and you can scroll down to August. Message as many as you can!!!!

"Hey girl!!! Hope you've had a great week! I am setting up my birthday beauty bashes for August and I saw that you have a birthday this month! What do you say to a super fun online birthday beauty bash!?! We play games and chat about makeup and skincare, and the products you want to know more about! I will post tutorials and help your girlfriends pick out looks that they will love! The best part is, you earn shopping rewards when they order! Win win! I’ve got a couple of open dates, would love to put your name down! Does August 17th or August 15th work for you?


"Hi Jennifer! Happy New Year! Hope you and Steve and the kids had a great Christmas!

I am setting up my online birthday beauty bashes for January and I know your birthday is coming up! It's a great time to get rid of any old makeup you've got and freshen it up with some new! You can earn shopping rewards for a qualified party and get your makeup for free just by hosting. We play games and chat about makeup and skincare, and the products you want to know more about! I will post tutorials and help your girlfriends pick out looks that they will love!

I have a few dates open and I'd love to save a spot for you!"




"Hi Jill!


So fun seeing you last week and happy birthday this month! I've got 2 spots left for January birthday bashes so if you're up for freshening up the makeup in your bag, let me put your name down and I'll help earn you some free makeup! It's lots of fun and I'll post tutorials and help your friends with makeup looks and colors!
I've got one spot open tomorrow and one next Monday! Let's do it!! "

Now you’ve got the tools to get those parties on the books!! If someone says maybe, write that down so you can follow up with them! If they ask a question you’re not sure how to answer, post it and we’ll help you with the wording!!