This method REALLY works so please use it when talking to somebody about the opportunity x Sometimes we get over excited and write long essays in our PMs!! This is not the way to go about it… it can be very overwhelming for your potential teamie and very off putting. Every big team should have its own opportunity video so I created one that will do the talking for you. This is a fantastic opportunity and I have covered every element of why we love what we do…. Remember the less you say about the opportunity the better!



Do ask them about themselves, what they do, build rapport and then to approach joining. The go pro wording is very specific especially the underlined parts, so please follow it to a T but let your personality shine through x


So this is how your recruitment conversations should go


You: heya (name) Thank you so much for your interest in my post, it would be a pleasure to provide you with some more information about my fantastic company. I work for a high end, ethical makeup company called Younique. Have you heard of us before?


Them: usually no


You: No problem there will be plenty of time to fill you in. what is it you do for a living now? Are you able to tell me a little about yourself?




Them: Yes I know about the mascara


You: Fantastic! It really helps that you know a little about us already!! The mascaras simply amazing isn’t it?! We are so much more than mascara though! We have so many other products that are just truly phenomenal! What is it you do for a living now? Are you able to tell me a little about yourself?


This will tell you a little about them and what makes them tick, why they are interested, and their needs are MORE important than yours… they need to feel this from you --- be friendly, small talk, this is a brief window to build rapport. When you are ready move on


You: Well it sounds like this could be perfect for you hunny. My team leader created a video which covers absolutely everything you need to know about joining Younique, If I sent it to you would you watch it?


STOP DONT SAY ANYTHING ELSE... First one to talk loses


Them: yes


You: Awesome when would you be able to listen to it by?




Them: tonight


You: ok cool I'll follow up after dinner, would that work?


Them: yes


You: Here it is hunny x I am always around if you have any questions at all! Please just let me know x we can chat a little more about it after you’ve had a chance to watch! (vanity flair recruitment video)




Follow up like this


You: Heya hunny x I hope you’re having a fabulous day! I was wondering, did you have a chance to listen to the overview?


If she says yes: 


You: awesome, what did you like best? (always ask what they liked best or what was their favourite part… don’t say ‘what did you think?’)


Her: I love that you’re paid so quickly!


You: me too!!!! it's like clockwork! three hours after we sell. Sounds like it could be perfect for you. I have a team group I can add you to which is full of my lovely team members. They are all super helpful and it will give you a really good idea of how we operate and it’s also good to see how amazingly well us UK ladies are doing with this business x Would you like me to add you now so you can have a look around. Feel free to ask the ladies any questions


You: (after letting them get accustomed to the group) Heya hunny, how are you finding our team group? Its amazing isn’t it? Do you have any other questions or are you ready to get started?




If she's ready: awesome, here's my website as soon as you’re in I can add you to our training group!

If she says she's not ready: You: that's totally ok, I know starting a business is a big decision, let me ask you are you open to more information?

(If they say no they are not ready normally it means they need more info) at this time you plug them into a 3 way convo with your elite upline



If she says no she didn't watch it yet:

You: that's ok, I'm a busy mum I totally understand that! So when would you get a chance? Then set up another follow up