This is so so important! You need to aim to have at least 2000 people on your friends list. Imagine someone with 500 friends and someone with 5000 friends... Who is more likely to get more customers and potential ️TEAM members? It makes Sense doesn't it?????


Ways to expand your friends list... ADD FRIENDS. Once you've been with younique you'll probably find all your suggested friends are Younique presenters or mutual friends with younique presenters. Instead, I prefer to add friends of friends.


Begin by looking at all your friends friend lists and find old school friends and people you have lost contact with and add them... once you've added all of your old acquaintences start adding people you share a lot of mutual friends with... the more you do this the more mutual friends you will share with people and the happier they will be to accept you x


Also say you comment on a friends status, then someone else comments, like their comment and add them as a friend!! Add your mum's friends, your boyfriends female friends, your sisters friends? they are all more likely to accept as they know who you are.


PARTIES. When you do a home or online party, make sure you get contact details from everyone there, or if it's on facebook, take this opportunity to add them all as friends! You could say your doing a prize draw for anyone who has attended your parties over the month to win something (chocolates, wine, mascara) and so they need to add you as a friend to know if they've won


GROUPS Networking or sales groups, go through and like and comment on posts, start conversations. Some will add you as a friend, worst case scenario, you've bumped up their posts for them. have a look at the members lists and add people x


NETWORK. Work with someone who has another business and advertise for each other. You add their friends, they can add your friends. Like swapsies! I'd only do this with someone who has a totally different product, like Scentsy or jewellery! DONT BE OFFENDED IF PEOPLE DONT ACCEPT!!! Some people just like close friends and family, and that's just fine!! don't take it personally. if people ask if they know you just be extremely polite and very friendly... i always say something like:


'Hi ......., Thanks for getting in contact hunny :-) My name is Lianne and we share a lot of friends. i use FB a lot for business and i'm trying to extend my audience :-) it would be a pleasure to have you as a friend but i wont be offended at all if you say no x Have a fab day!'


When they look at your timeline and see that you are a smiley positive and inpsiring person with no drama they are SO likely to say yes!!!

YOU NEED TO DO THIS if you are going to sell BEYOND your friends and family xxx Make the friends you add your demographic... so women :-) i dont personally add men at all! they can be very strange when it comes to FB! lolol After you've added friends Don't add them and forget about them... when they pop up in your newsfeed like and comment on their posts.


This is how facebook works --- if YOU interact with people... facebook will show these people more of your posts because it believes you are close!! share things that are uplifting, inspiring, fun and positive to get people liking and commenting on your posts too! work on getting your engagement up so that when you do post a younique post it is likely to be seen! :-) say things like 'oh wow! gorgeous dress! where did you get that from' and comment on their jokes... build relationships :-) x i recommend picking out people on your friends list who you would like to see more of your posts and focus your attention on them