When you join Younique you dont have to do House Parties but i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you do!! they are much less work than online parties and much more fun! It is much easier to get across the quality in person, and people love to play with the makeup, feel it and put it on and they only need to see it to order it!


One house party can give you all the PRS you need for a month and frees up time so that you can focus on recruiting and looking after your team for the rest of the month. so i recommend trying to book a minimum of one a month. You dont need a huge amount of kit either! a few products is enough to get people interested and purchasing and this is actually the best way to grow your kit!


What is the difference between a house party and open house?


At an OPEN HOUSE you set up a display and people can drop in as and when and order from you. If you know you are going to be in for the day then this can be an excellent idea as it will give you more time with people on an individual basis


At a HOUSE PARTY you have a set evening / day / playdate where you set up a display of the makeup and play games, hold raffles, give each other makeovers and have some nibbles and drinks. they are great fun and always result in orders!!! I have never been to a house party which hasnt sold the minimum for free delivery!


Whats in it for the hostess? The hostess will receive the rewards for a party. so all the Y Cash and half price products :-) As we know the rewards are VERY generous and it is a great incentive for them!












plus if they enjoy evenings in with friends it is a great chance for them to catch up with their buddies and have free entertainment!! if you are feeling brave you can offer free makeovers :-) they and their friends can also win small prizes / samples



How to book house parties We have a file called 'letters to hostess' which gives you invites to house parties. we also have flyers that can be tweaked for you.


Home party flyer

Letters to hostesses


I recommend contacting all of your friends and family to begin with and try to get one house party booked per month. As a party is drawing to a close it is also a great idea to offer your party guests the chance to host their own party with their friends to win free makeup.





Here is a link to some excellent party games which will ensure a fun evening all round





Simple token gifts make the best prizes... things that dont cost the world but are a really nice gesture... chocolate / free raffle entry / sample / The 99p store has loads of cosmetic goodies like face masks, compacts or nail kits House party training




5. WATCH THIS VIDEO prior to hosting a house party! it will give you some excellent ideas and help to boost your confidence!


Presenter kit / makeup

Table cloth

Paper / pen

Snacks / drinks

Small prize for game winners


Business cards

Cotton buds / disposable applicators (not for mascara!) from ebay

Paper towels / tissue


Makeup remover



Ipad with videos

Card reader (Izettle / paypal etc)

Order forms








7. TIPS 

Warm up to house parties by holding a relaxed one with your own friends / family to begin with

Team up with anothe Vanity Flair member for moral support

Smile lots and be confident

Focus on our best sellers

Download Izettle so you can accept card payments

Always offer the opportunity

Always offer the possibility of a house party