The Younique Presenter's Guide to Mastering Instagram!!



1. You need to make an account.



2. If you have a smart phone I suggest downloading an app called InstaFollow. It is a free app (it does have an upgrade purchase for .99 that I did also purchase because it’s worth it)*The in app purchase is used to keep track of who is following you, who unfollowed you, and who you are following. You can unfollow those people using this app, that way I know exactly who to keep and who to unfollow.



3. Instagram only allows you to follow 7500 other users, so why waste your time following someone who doesn’t follow back?! I don’t!



4. Once you are on IG and have it set up, I like to go to the second icon which looks like a star on your home screen (it’s how you explore) Once I’m there I type in a search under hash tags and I usually put something in like “younique,mascara,makeup etc.. “Anything that has to do with younique and then you will pull up a bunch of pics that other people have posted to their own IG accounts. I will find someone who has some good before and after pics or good Younique pics and I just screen shot them with my iPhone. You want to have a good supply on your phone. You can use these on Facebook as well, or just keep them in an album on your phone to show people while youre out talking about your products! Either way, you WANT pics on your phone..I usually go find more once I have used them on social media so I don’t keep using the same ones over and over.



5. I also downloaded another app that will save notes on my phone. Since on Instagram people can search using hash tags you want to have a good amount of hash tags to copy and paste under each photo EVERY TIME you post. All you have to do is make it once and then save it in your notes, then copy and paste when you post. If you need an example, go to my IG and search for me “theglamsquad1”, you will see how under every pic I have a good “lure” and then my info and then hash tags. IG will only allow you to use 30 hash tags at a time, if you use more, nothing will show up!! So count them to be sure.



6. Start to follow as many people as you can. I like to search for mainly women and get a good following going. I went onto people who I know have a large list of followers… I tend to search for the Real housewives cast members; they always have thousands of followers! Lol... so I go to their followers and just hit follow to every person. IG only allows a certain amount of people at a time. If I have a slow day I go on every hour or so and follow more and more people. I also follow my friends, friends and get a lot of local people who may have heard of me. People WILL like you back! In about 2 weeks I had over 2k followers!



7. Once you have followed your 7500 people it won’t allow you to follow anyone so that’s where you go to your InstaFollow app and you unfollow the people who aren’t following you back to make room for new followers.



8. I like to post a few pics at a time and AT LEAST every couple of hours!



9. Make sure you respond back to people as soon as you can... I like to get their info or have them text me to chat easier.



10. I also don’t typically accept other Younique people to follow my IG ONLY BECAUSE (sadly to say) some people WILL steal your leads. I hope that one day this isn’t an issue but unfortunately IT IS... L



11. If you are consistent with IG it WILL pay off for you!! a brilliant instagram video geared solely toward building your younique empire x