This is what you need to be sending to your hostess once she agrees to hold an online party with you.


Yay! You are hosting a YOUNIQUE PARTY!! I'm so super excited to help you earn some FABULOUS free products! Woohooo! so lets get started! Here are some steps and tips to help ensure a successful, fun and just all round awesome time for you and your friends.

FIRST: I've created an event/group for your party and have sent you the link. You will want to post a welcome message on your group. This is something i could do for you BUT your friends are more likely to see and more likely to be responsive to your party invitiation if the welcome message is from you. To make it easy for you, here an example that you can copy and paste from (just change the link info to YOUR party link)


Hi friends! I'm super excited to introduce Younique... You definitely dont want to miss out! My amazing and fun lash lady will be posting demos, makeup tips, games and more!! You can check out the party link here (insert the link i sent you) The party begins on (insert date)

Attach this fabulous lash selfie to this and post on your profile as well but with the link to the group and tag 20-30 of your makeup loving friends x


SECOND: You would probably like to know what you are going to earn from doing this fabulous party!!! Check out these sweet rewards! To earn a TOTALLY FREE set of 3D fiber lashes you'll want to have a $290 party! you will also get a 1/2 price discount on any product of your choice! the amount of rewards and 1/2 price products goes up with the vallue of your party!!!


THIRD: Lets get inviting! My most successful parties have been where the hostess invites between 200 and 300 people... but what really makes a party successfull is the personal invitation. So after you've invited your larger group to the party, i want you to personally send an individual message (i really must stress INDIVIDUAL and not a group message) to the 30 - 50 people that are either your closest friends or those you think will really want to check out the products. Here's to a fun and succesful party!!!


HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HOSTESS - Advice from Shari Brown!