So you have a Pinterest account and you have been happily pinning away. Pinning lots of great images of your company’s products and linking them back to your website. What you may not know is that it’s against Pinterest’s terms of service to use your personal Pinterest account for commercial purposes. This includes marketing your Direct Sales or Party Plan business!


If you want to continue to use Pinterest to market your business – and why wouldn’t you? – Pinterest is fab – then you need to convert your account to a Pinterest Business Account. You will be happy to know that the business account looks just like a personal account with the added benefit of some analytics built in.And it is an easy process to convert it over.


Just follow these steps:


>>Go to, see that little text under the red button?

>>Click Convert Now

>>Select your business type, update contact name, email address and about sections, if necessary.

>>Scroll down, read through the new Business terms, then click

>> convert account


Happy Pinning!!!