1. You can start to recruit as soon as you like… in fact the sooner the better. If you haven’t already started by week 3 now is the time to start thinking about it... add yourself to this training group




If you want to earn lifechanging income you need to be contacting as many people as possible about the opportunity. The real magic of network marketing is in developing a team (distribution network)! All of your teams sales go into your wholesales figures and this is how you move up the company and this is where the really amazing money is!





write a list of 100 people and contact every single one of them... You will get no's and you will get ladies ignore you! this is normal they will more than likely be back later when they see you doing well and enjoying it!! if you struggle with rejection then read a book called 'Go for No'... to see some amazing conversation starters to guide you... click here



















4. WHEN SOMEONE WANTS TO KNOW MORE... Don't verbal vomit... we use a video to explain everything... this is the video we use...


send them this link --->


Script for ladies you know - loose guideline! make it sound like you and be authentic


Hey hunny… how are you doing? Hows the hubby and kids? Shall we get a date in the diary to catch up? I miss your face! Have you seen I started my own makeup business? I’m absolutely LOVING IT!! You're going to think i'm crazy but you are totally gorgeous and you know your way around social media really well i think you'd be really good at this! It might not be for you but I thought I would ask if you fancied having a look at what I do and consider it as an option for yourself! I feel like all my friends should be doing this with me!!!! xxx I have a video which explains everything… if I sent it to you would you watch it?



the above is in line with the 3 C's APPROACH

Someone you havent met


Heya ………., how are you! I love the photo you just posted with………… (or appropriate compliment that shows you are paying attention to THEM) I thought I would contact you as you seem really confident with social media and your content is just fab! I work for a high end beauty business called Younique. It may or may not be for you but I thought I would ask if you would be open to more information! I think you'd be awesome! xxx I have a video which explains everything… if I sent it to you would you watch it? If not for you, do you have any friends who love makeup and would benefit from an extra income?


Hey hunny... you're going to think i'm crazy contacting you out the blue like this... but your post just popped up on my timeline and it really caught my attention! it got me thinking, you're really good with social media and you're gorgeous too. i think you would be amazing doing what i do! Have you even considered joining Younique?

6. MEMORY JOGGER. Download and print the workbook section of memory Jogger... a useful tool to help you with your recruiting

7. WATCH THIS VIDEO - Making a start on recruitment

8. WATCH THIS VIDEO - Recruiting in groups is controversial... please dont even begin to approach the groups unless you've watched this. you need to portray the brand professionally, honestly and in an unspammy way

8. ERIC WORRE SCRIPT to use once someone has shown an interest


10. Ky Lauren - Sponsoring made easy