If you are reading this it is because you are considering joining Younique. You are very lucky because you happen to have found one of the UK's Top teams. Team Vanity Flair reached black status in just 11 months and has a proven track record in building and developing leaders. When you join you will be provided with tools, resources, mentorship and guidance to help them get the very best out of this unique opportunity. 

Lianne Anderson is the team leader and has a hand in helping everyone. she has won awards for being one of the top 4 Mentors in the world... and she also picked up an award for having the most amount of fast starts in her team globally! Lianne hit Black Status level 1 in November 2017


Lianne's personal mission: To help millions of people master their mindset so they have the confidence, certainty and unshakable self belief to turn their dreams into reality and positively change the world! 


"I believe women severely underestimate themselves these days! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see ladies enter this business, green and unsure and then blossom into confident and professional network marketers".

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